Add New Frame
Animating the camera
Automatic Zoom
Bake Layer Position
Change Canvas Size
Change Image Size
Clear Undo Information
Convert Layer
Copyright and legal information
Customizing Springboard
Deflate Layer To Fit Content
Drawing layers: Overview
Duplicate Layer
Edit Layer Externally
Edit Sound Externally
Export Again
Export HTML
Export To
Export Windows AVI
Fill layers
Finish Editing Layer Externally
Frame Animation View
Frame Properties
Import Image
Import Sound
Inflate Layer To Fit Frame
Keyboard shortcuts
Layer colors
Layer Opacity
Local and global layers
Lock Frame Position
Make Fill Layer
Matte In Layer Transparency
Menu index
Merge Contained Layers
Merge Layer Down
Mirror Frames
Mouse & pen shortcuts
Move File
Movie View
Natural-media tools
Nested layers
Play Movie
Preferences - Camera tab
Preferences - Display tab
Preferences - Edit Images tab
Preferences - Edit Sounds tab
Preferences - Units tab
Preferences Dialog
Quick Start
Reset Layer Position
Reset Layer Transparency
Save Numbered Backup
Scale Layer To Fit Frame
Scroll Current Frame
Set Background Color
Single Frame View
Sound Clip Properties
sound clips
Split And Edit
Split Every
Split Out/Unify
Story Properties
Storyboard View
The Arrow tool
The Edit Vector tool
The Ellipse tools
The Layers Palette
The Line tool
The Move Layer tool
The Rectangle tools
The Solid and Outlined Arrow tools
The Story Tree
The Text tool
The Tools Palette
The Zoom Frame tool
Time Controls
Undo and Redo
Unify Every
Using an external graphics editor
Using an external sound editor
Vector tools
View Frame Animation
View Movie View
View Single Frame
View Story Tree/Properties View
Working with large files
Working with sound
Working with split files
Zoom Frame Properties