Customizing Springboard
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Once you get accustomed to using Springboard, you may wish to change some of its defaults.


The most obvious place to change defaults is in the Preferences dialog. This dialog contains settings that affect all files edited using the current user account of the current computer.

The Defaults file

You can set defaults for every file created with Springboard's File > New command on a given computer. These defaults are stored in a file that you can edit like any other Springboard file.

To create a Defaults file:

  1. Open a Springboard file with the settings you like. Or, start with a new file by choosing File > New.
  2. Edit the file until it contains exactly what you want in a new file.
  3. Do File > Save As, and browse to the folder where Springboard is installed (usually "C:\Program Files\Springboard"). Save the file with the name "Defaults".
  4. To test your new defaults, choose File > New. You should see an untitled duplicate of your Defaults file.

You can edit this file at any time if you wish to change the defaults.

HTML Templates

You can edit the templates used for the File > Export to > HTML command. These files are stored in the Templates subfolder in the folder where Springboard is installed (usually "C:\Program Files\Springboard").

You should have basic familiarity with editing HTML files in order to customize the templates. Graphical HTML editors may work, but for best results, you may need to use a text editor.

See the text file "Template format.txt" in the Templates folder for more information.