Sound Clip Properties
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The Sound Clip Properties dialog shows the properties that apply to the currently-selected sound clip. See also Working with sound.

To view Sound Clip Properties:

  1. If the Story Tree is not already visible, do View > Story Tree/Properties View.
  2. In the Story Tree, click the sound clip whose properties you want to view.

The Sound Clip Properties dialog then appears below the Story Tree.

The Sound Clip Properties dialog contains:

All times are shown in time controls.

If the sound clip is stored in a split file, and the split file is damaged or missing, the Duration edit box will be pink, and it will contain a message describing the problem.

To adjust the time when a sound plays:

Do one of the following:

Negative Offsets will be supported in a future version of Springboard.

A sound clip is a section of recorded or imported audio placed in a story. Sound clips are attached to frames or sections in the Story Tree.