Storyboard View
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The Storyboard View is the default view when a new file is created. It gives you an overview of the frames in your storyboard, and allows you to draw in storyboard frames while looking at the adjacent frames.

Use the Zoom commands (View > Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Zoom Actual Size) to control how many frames you view at once.

You can "focus in" on a single frame by switching to Single Frame View.

You can move around in the story in several ways:

The View > Scroll Current Frame and View > Lock Frame Position commands can help you see the context you want around the current frame.

The Storyboard View has one text box at its bottom called the frame text box. Text that you type here is associated with the current frame. It will appear with the frame when the story is printed. You can use this text for dialogue, action description, or any other kind of notes associated with the frame.