Frame Properties
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The Frame Properties dialog shows the properties that apply to an individual frame of the storyboard.

To view Frame Properties:

  1. If the Story Tree is not already visible, do View > Story Tree/Properties View.
  2. Select the frame whose properties you want to view. You can select the frame in the story grid, with the Go menu commands, or by clicking its node in the Story Tree.

The Frame Properties dialog then appears below the Story Tree.

The Frame Properties dialog contains:

All times are shown in time controls.

To change a frame's duration:

Do one of the following:

Frame durations default to 3 seconds per frame.

Overlapping transitions

To indicate a transition between two frames other than a straight cut, set the Overlap property of the first frame. The following frame will then start fading in before the current frame ends. If there is no following frame, the Overlap is the length of the fade-to-black applied to the end of this frame.

You can set the Overlap duration manually, by editing the Overlap control, or you can record transitions interactively in the Movie View.