Release History

7 Jun 2004
5 Sep 2004
5.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.63 cannot read this format.

Nestable layers:

  • Local layers can now be dragged under other layers in the Layers palette. Nested layers inherit visibility settings from their containing layers, and are transformed with their containing layers. You can use nested layers to organize your drawings, make reusable objects with smart structure, and to group layers together so they're easy to move around while still being able to edit them separately.
  • The new Merge Contained Layers command permanently collapses a subtree of layers, without changing the frame's visual appearance.

خيارات السماسرة الثنائية كسب المال Clipboard changes:

  • A dotted border is now drawn around the item that has the keyboard focus, and the clipboard commands operate on the item that has focus.
  • The Clipboard Target buttons have been removed. Now, just click on the item you want instead. E.g., to cut a Layer, click on it in the Layers palette, and then choose the Cut command or button; to cut a Frame, click in the frame grid and then choose the Cut command or button.
  • The Escape key returns focus to the frame grid.

come vincere con le opzioni binarie File > Import now supports importing from GIF files. Transparency is fully supported.

futuros y opciones financieras ltda Merge Down no longer modifies the appearance of the frame. The target layer will be converted to Full Color if necessary.

You can now shear layers with the Move tool by holding down the Control key while dragging their side handles.

The new wie fuktioniert trading mit binaeren optionen File > Save Numbered Backup command takes a snapshot of your work in a numbered file.

automated trading system excel Image > Clear All Layers resets the current frame to its default state -- just the global layers, with no content.

kdy obchodovat binární opce Layer > Mirror Horizontally works like order buy Keflex online Image > Mirror Horizontally, but only on the current layer.

ثنائي نظام الخيارات استعراض كراكن Layer > Matte-In Transparency is similar to binary options uk trading uae Layer > Reset Transparency, but replaces all transparent areas with the current frame's background color. Use this if you have trouble editing full-color layers in an external editor (and you don't need transparency for the given layer).

http affiliates startoptions com ita Layer > Matte-Out Color lets you pick a color, then makes that color transparent on the current (full-color) layer. This is mainly useful for importing clip art with a flat background color; it's not "fuzzy" enough to use for blue-screening. (Yet...)

Bugs fixed:

  • Removed obsolete files from the standard HTML export templates.
  • Canvas Size dialog's Custom button is broken.
  • Dragging off the bottom of the story tree should mean beyond the bottom node.
  • Can't see the selected item in the Story Tree. [Sebastien]
  • The story tree's drag indicator gets erased by the cursor sometimes.
  • Moving a global layer in Frame 1 affects new frames. [Serge]
  • Awkward startup if the ape was minimized at last close.
  • Structured frame numbers aren't used in HTML output. [Serge]
  • Resizing problems with Export to HTML. [Serge]
  • Hang when printing a file with a particular configuration of frames.
  • Fixed memory leaks, and reduced memory usage when memory is tight. [Serge]
  • Timecode double-click inconsistent. [Serge]
  • Installation doesn't make file associations on some systems. [Sebastien]
  • Make small layers draggable.

Known issues:

  • Section titles aren't included in printing.
16 Mar 2004
16 Jun 2004
5.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.63 cannot read this format.

realistic conflict theory essays View > Tool Palettes On > Left/Right lets you customize the screen layout.

A Defaults button in the marc b von trade rush Edit Structure dialog lets you reset all the structure settings.

The new frame numbering is now supported in all dialogs.

There is now a confirmation dialog before deleting in the Tree view, to prevent accidents.

Tool tips for buttons now contain just the tool name; the long description is still in the status bar at the bottom of the main window.

Bugs fixed:

  • Looping error dialog on drag operation.
  • Opening a new document while the old one's dirty, then choosing Cancel discards changes.
  • Some tree operations take a long time and cause the grid to thrash.
  • Inverting the background works inconsistently.
  • Loading printer settings doesn't load all of them correctly.
  • Can't delete from the edit boxes in the Edit Structure dialog.
  • The tool tips are sometimes painted as black bars.
  • Set Background Color sets the wrong color in the swatch box.
  • Set Background Color and Mirror Horizontally don't commit frame changes.
  • Set Background Color sets the wrong color in the Layer icons.

Known issues:

  • Section titles aren't included in printing.
6 Mar 2004
6 Jun 2004
5.0 - Can read all previous formats; earlier versions cannot read this format.

The new opzioni binarie europa Story Tree view shows a hierarchical view of your story, and lets you create new sections, rearrange sections, and customize the way sections and frames are numbered.

Story TreeYou can use this view to develop an outline your production before drawing storyboard frames, or as a way to organize them once they're drawn.

The comparativa plataformas opciones binarias Properties view has been moved under the Story Tree, and now shows the properties for any selected element, including Frame Properties, Section Properties, and Story Properties.

Bugs fixed:

  • Movie View plays wrong with zero-duration frames.
  • Selecting text, then deleting in the Frame Text box deletes one extra character.
  • Canceling a request to save changes on File > New is the same as not saving.
  • Saving changes while opening a new file overwrites the new file.
  • If no printers are defined, gives an error message on printing and then repeats it a lot.

Known issues:

  • Some tree operations are slow. Workaround: Zoom the storyboard view out several times to speed up updating.
  • Section titles aren't included in printing.
  • The new formatting options for frame numbers aren't used in the Print dialog.
  • Tool tips show up as black rectangles sometimes. (More details welcomed!) Workaround: restart the program.
18 Dec 2003
17 Mar 2004
4.1 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.56 cannot read this format; versions between 0.56 and 0.61 can read this format for files that do not contain print settings.

You can now recordäre-optionen-probekonto binäre optionen probekonto frame durations in real-time. The new Record mode in the Movie View lets you press a key when you want the frame to change, and then stores the frame durations accordingly. You can then play the movie back with the same timing.

You can also opzioni binarie online è truffa record frame transitions (overlap) the same way, by holding down the key while recording frame changes.

There are now a number of opcje binarne egzotyczne advanced controls in the Movie View's tool bar:

Movie View

Bugs fixed:

  • Arrow keys don't always work right in the Movie View's time display.
  • Printing a file that contains accented characters (e.g., German umlauts) produces an error dialog.