Release History

23 Jul 2010
29 Oct 2010
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

opzioni binarie 1 giorno Added more Undo and fixed bugs. Now officially supports Windows 7. iqopzioni binarie è recensioni New features:

  • Undo for:
    • the remaining kinds of deletions in the story tree
    • Delete Layer
    • drag-move in the Story tree and in the Layers palette
    • all remaining objects in the Properties palette (story, section, sound clip)
    • Toggle Split and Split All
    • Mirror Image and Mirror Layer
    • Clear Image and Clear Layer
    • Set Background Color
  • New iqoption forex macros for use in titles, headers, and footers when printing: FileName and FullFilePath.

برامج كتب على الصور Bugs fixed:

  • Pasting text containing newlines and other control characters into frame titles makes black rectangle characters.
  • Searching doesn't find the text if the search starts after the beginning of the frame.
  • Exceptions when doing things with a file that has no frames.
29 Apr 2010
29 Jul 2010
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

binäre optionen einfach erklärt Mostly bug fixes; also clipboard support for sound clips and Undo for deleting some types of objects.

volumi nelle opzioni binarie Looks good on Windows 7, but has not been rigorously tested yet.

24option erfahrung Bugs fixed:

  • New layers weren't centered correctly.
  • Couldn't copy and paste frames or layers in some situations.
  • Looping error dialogs when drawing with Bamboo under Vista.
  • Error when cutting/pasting a frame with sound.
  • Fixed clicking during audio playback, at audio buffer boundaries and at the beginnings and ends of sounds.
  • Increased responsiveness and quality of sound scrubbing in the Movie View.
  • A problem undoing and redoing recording that includes audio, timing, and transitions.
  • Various audio playback errors with newly-recorded audio inserted into multiple frames before the story is saved.
  • Error when inserting a section while a sound clip is selected.
  • Error when interrupting a drawing stroke via the keyboard.
  • Garbage on screen when drawing outside the frame in single-frame mode.
  • Error when redoing a change to frame duration.
  • Data loss in original file after Save Numbered Backup with certain configurations of split files.
21 Jan 2010
30 Apr 2010
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; earlier versions cannot read this format.

binär optionen comdirect Now uses seroquel 300 mg Unicode text throughout the product, for better support for world languages.

opções binarias demo Dropped support for Windows 98.

رسالة رسمية There is no specific support for right-to-left languages yet, though right-to-left Unicode characters are rendered properly on Windows Vista. On Windows XP, they are rendered left-to-right during printing. binäre option broker Bugs fixed:

  • Mirror Horizontally doesn't work on a color layer.
  • Error messages when importing print settings from a file where the print rage was selected by frames and there were more frames than in the current file.
  • Error messages when printing files with certain combinations of layout options and content.
  • Section headings were truncated when printed with certain layout settings.
  • Error message on Text tool use after empty Text vector created.
  • Dragging Text vectors with certain patterns of word wrapping leaves "crumbs" behind.

opcje binarne taktyka Known bugs:

  • Layers in new frames aren't centered correctly. Layer > Reset Position fixes this.
  • Can't copy and paste frames or layers in some situations.
16 Oct 2009
22 Jan 2010
9.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.87 cannot read this format.

Added a Köpa Strattera Örnsköldsvik frame range ("from" and "to") to all Export dialogs.

Added an option for simple bdswiss einzahlung überweisung timecode burn-in on export to AVI.

Added a time bar to the Movie view, with migliore piattaforma di trading online audio scrubbing support.

Undo recorded frame timing.

Support melhores corretoras de opções binarias audio playback while recording timing in the Movie View. Sound clips attached to the story root play normally. Sound clips attached to frames have their beginnings cut off while recording timing, because of the audio buffer latency. Reduced the audio buffer size to mitigate this. If that in turn causes problems, experienced users can change the Registry setting at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Six Mile Creek Systems\Springboard\Main\AudioPlayer_BufferLength to 500 to get the old buffer size.

Display a visual representation of opacity in the Swatch Box above the Opacity slider when the Move Layer tool is selected.

Bugs fixed:

  • Exception when playing after Undo Record.
  • Error message "Specified device handle is invalid" after some combinations of play and pause commands.
  • "Range error" after coming out of pause while recording.
  • Make Fill Layer sometimes raises an exception and loses the source layer.
  • Exceptions after undoing and redoing Make Fill Layer and then redoing other actions.
  • New layers have their pivot point in the wrong spot (upper left corner vs. center).

Known bugs:

  • Some issues with Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet reported on Vista (waiting for details - anyone with experience with this product please let us know!).
  • No longer committing to support Win98 officially - though most things work, audio has some issues when testing in a virtual machine.