Release History

15 Nov 2011
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

come investire del denaro A small release to fix these bugs:

  • Licensing problem when Springboard is shared by many users on a single computer. Now the license is correctly picked up by other users after an administrator installs and licenses the product.
  • Runs out of memory under 64-bit Windows 7 with more than 4 GB of memory. Now correctly understands the size of memory and scales its use accordingly.
22 Apr 2011
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

iq options windows app Replaced the licensing system; old license keys are incompatible with the new version, so an upgrade is required. Calendar expiration date on the free trial version is now replaced by a 30-day trial period starting from the installation date.

gewinne durch binäre optionen versteuern Bugs fixed:

  • Ease types "None" and "In And Out" for Zoom Frames were swapped in the user interface (though the underlying implementation was correct - so this fix will not change existing animations' playback).
  • Layers palette, frame indicator, and Movie view are out of sync after dragging the third node in the Story Tree to the second position.
  • Use Shell Play on newly-exported AVI files, if available; otherwise, Shell Open. Used to use Shell Open, and fail if there was no Open verb registered for .AVI (even if Play was registered).
  • Issues that arise when you fumble the buttons on a pen: Disallow context menus while drawing, and handle the double-click messages correctly when you press a pen button that's assigned to click or double-click while drawing.
26 Jan 2011
29 Apr 2011
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format. forum opzione binarie Springboard has now reached the milestone 1.0 release. It embodies my initial vision for a tool for making storyboards and animatics, easily and fluidly.

ثنائي الخيار lowyat Is it finished? Not by a long shot. But it's ready to enter a more mature phase of life.

قيمة التفكير النقدي New features in this version:

opciones financieras en argentina Bugs fixed:

  • After converting a layer to full-color, the color picker isn't activated until you select a different layer and then switch back.
  • Vector layers can't be animated yet, but the keys shown on the animation timeline aren't erased when a vector layer is selected.
  • Changing the current drawing color clears the undo stack.
  • New Layer, then undo, then undo a second time causes an exception.
  • Inflate and Deflate need to adjust all keys in the current frame, both for the current layer and all its child layers.
  • Pressing Del would delete something even if Edit > Delete was disabled.
  • Redo Fill Layer raises an exception.
22 Oct 2010
28 Jan 2011
11.0 - Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

forex rebates fxcm Added more Undo and fixed bugs. Added moving a layer's pivot point, to make it easier to animate rotating layers.

الخيارات الثنائية يوتيوب New features:

Undo for:
  • Image Size and Canvas Size
  • Paste Layer, Paste Frame, Paste Sound Clip, Paste and typing in Text vector
  • New Layer, Duplicate Layer, Reset Layer Position, Scale Layer To Fit Frame
  • Set Layer Visibility, Set Layer Properties
  • Edit > Clear Undo Information
  • When the Move Layer tool is selected, show the layer's pivot point, and allow dragging it.
  • Allow rotations larger than 360 degrees, for animating revolving objects.
  • broker bewertungen binäre optionen Bugs fixed:

    • Exceptions are reported twice.
    • Undo Clear Layer didn't always restore the layer size correctly.
    • Looping exceptions when deleting the bottom-most layer of a frame, if it's not the Base layer.
    • Shearing went in the wrong direction on the left and right sides of the layer.
    • Unhelpful error message when loading a file from the "most-recently-used" list on the File menu, if that file no longer exists.
    • Delete key didn't work in some text fields.