Version 1.0

Expiration Date: 
29 Apr 2011
File Format: 
File Compatibility: 
Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

Springboard has now reached the milestone 1.0 release. It embodies my initial vision for a tool for making storyboards and animatics, easily and fluidly.

Is it finished? Not by a long shot. But it's ready to enter a more mature phase of life.

New features in this version:

  • Export Wave audio.
  • Rotate layers more intuitively, support multiple rotations, and show the angle numerically while rotating.
  • Undo for Layer > Inflate, Layer > Merge Down, Layer > Merge Contained Layers.

Bugs fixed:

  • After converting a layer to full-color, the color picker isn't activated until you select a different layer and then switch back.
  • Vector layers can't be animated yet, but the keys shown on the animation timeline aren't erased when a vector layer is selected.
  • Changing the current drawing color clears the undo stack.
  • New Layer, then undo, then undo a second time causes an exception.
  • Inflate and Deflate need to adjust all keys in the current frame, both for the current layer and all its child layers.
  • Pressing Del would delete something even if Edit > Delete was disabled.
  • Redo Fill Layer raises an exception.