Version 0.96

Expiration Date: 
köpa Viagra utan recept 28 Jan 2011
File Format: 
File Compatibility: 
Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

الخيارات الثنائية لا إيداع مكافأة أكتوبر 2012 Added more Undo and fixed bugs. Added moving a layer's pivot point, to make it easier to animate rotating layers. /\\\\\\\\'A=0 guadagnare con le opzioni binarie

binaire opties leren New features:

opzioni binarie guru
  • Undo for:
    • Image Size and Canvas Size
    • Paste Layer, Paste Frame, Paste Sound Clip, Paste and typing in Text vector
    • New Layer, Duplicate Layer, Reset Layer Position, Scale Layer To Fit Frame
    • Set Layer Visibility, Set Layer Properties
  • Edit > Clear Undo Information
  • When the Move Layer tool is selected, show the layer's pivot point, and allow dragging it.
  • Allow rotations larger than 360 degrees, for animating revolving objects.

binära optioner vad är det Bugs fixed: fare trader
  • Exceptions are reported twice.
  • Undo Clear Layer didn't always restore the layer size correctly.
  • Looping exceptions when deleting the bottom-most layer of a frame, if it's not the Base layer.
  • Shearing went in the wrong direction on the left and right sides of the layer.
  • Unhelpful error message when loading a file from the "most-recently-used" list on the File menu, if that file no longer exists.
  • Delete key didn't work in some text fields. miglior option trader binäre optionen ntv