Version 0.94

Expiration Date: fast opciones binarias facebook 29 Jul 2010
File Format: 
File Compatibility: 
Can read all previous formats; versions earlier than 0.93 cannot read this format.

Mostly bug fixes; also clipboard support for sound clips and Undo for deleting some types of objects.

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buona app per fare trading Bugs fixed:

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  • New layers weren't centered correctly.
  • Couldn't copy and paste frames or layers in some situations.
  • Looping error dialogs when drawing with Bamboo under Vista.
  • Error when cutting/pasting a frame with sound.
  • Fixed clicking during audio playback, at audio buffer boundaries and at the beginnings and ends of sounds.
  • Increased responsiveness and quality of sound scrubbing in the Movie View.
  • A problem undoing and redoing recording that includes audio, timing, and transitions.
  • Various audio playback errors with newly-recorded audio inserted into multiple frames before the story is saved.
  • Error when inserting a section while a sound clip is selected.
  • Error when interrupting a drawing stroke via the keyboard.
  • Garbage on screen when drawing outside the frame in single-frame mode.
  • Error when redoing a change to frame duration.
  • Data loss in original file after Save Numbered Backup with certain configurations of split files.
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